Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city that just destined to be at the center of the world.
It’s the hinge; Europe, Asia, Black Sea & Mediterranean Sea and it got more than its strategical location. 
It represents layers of history and civilisations that have been embedded in it.

We help you start your short-rental investment in Istanbul

We’ve got your back! Starting from choosing a property till earning steady income out of it.
Our professional team and personalised reports help you making the right decisions with ease by providing an analysis for each opportunity as a property owner or as an investor. In other words, 
investing in Istanbul real estate has never been easier. 

What can we do more?

 We assist you in every step along the way. Hunting the best opportunity in Istanbul’s real estate according to our reports,
legal procedures, the preparation of the property and a full management system with an easy way to monitor the progress.

Need a professional guidance in making the right move?