Frequently asked questions

1- Do you provide customised services?

Although we believe that our full service management is more likely to get the best result, but we kept the door open for those who prefer to manage their property themselves by offering a specialised full study and/or the preparation package covering every needed aspects

2- How can I create an account for my property on online rental platform?

Don’t worry, we will be more than happy to sign up for you

3- Where will my property be posted ?

We use the most established short-term rental platforms: nonetheless Airbnb is our first choice, It is the most popular listing website, generating more bookings than all the others but we give you the option to add other platforms

4- How to estimate my income?

Although it’s not easy to estimate your income without a full assessment of your property’s features, we at partnerz assure more than your peace of mind, we also work hard to help you maximise your income by our dynamic pricing and our specialised follow up

5- Who uses Partnerz?

Partnerz was created for people with property that’s lee temporarily or constantly unoccupied accommodations must fulfil the requirements of online short-term rental platforms by being in good condition, compliant with regulations, and fully furnished and equipped.
Entrust us with your property and we’ll provide you with a easy, simple and transparent solution, to guarantee your peace of mind.

6- How do you choose my guests?

We at partnerz are extremely carful when it comes to choosing your property occupants, we provide a screening of your guests by checking their profile and reviews before accepting any reservation

7- Can I still use my short-term rental account?

Unfortunately, a user can only have one single account so we’ll have to create an account at your name to manage your property on the platform, so you won’t be able to keep using your existing account as a guest

8- Who takes the photos for my listings?

We use professional photographers to ensure the photos are the highest possible quality. This makes for a more attractive listing and a higher occupancy rate.

9- Which languages is used for my listings?

Our multilingual team covers a big range of languages according to the targeted guest, we provide our services in Turkish, English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic according to your guests need.

10- How my property rental fee is decided?

We dynamically determine the right price for your property rental fee by studying its features, starting by its size, location, season, availability and city’s events

11- Who manages my account?

This part can be tricky but not for us, we will be managing the listing of your property from A to Z and we provide you a full monthly report to keep track on your progress.

12- Can I access my accounts to view my reservations?

we’ll be the only ones with access to your online short-term rental account as long as we’re managing your rental property. Nevertheless, our team is working on a mobile app to give access on your listing in realtime.

13- Can I access my property when rented?

To ensure the comfort of your guests, you should not enter your property without first providing advance notice to your guests. You can block any dates you want access your home on your calendar by contacting one of our representatives

14- What are the risks for my property?

Tourists or visitors who are just passing through tend to be less attentive to personal property than tenants who rent on a yearly basis. Which means that furniture and equipment are subject to me wear and tear. This requires a higher level of property maintenance.

15-How can we minimize risks?

Our house cleaning staff, enters after your guests leave and inform us of any anomalies in your property so we can fix the problem without delay.

16- Who takes care of welcoming guests?

Our friendly multilingual team is carefully selected to welcome your guests. We work on a mobile app that allows for easy communication with us and provides them the guests with all the information they may need.

17- What is included in the cleaning service?

We take the quality of our house cleaning services very seriously. They are handled by a company selected with care. The cleaning staff are all professionals; their services include an in-depth cleaning of the apartment and providing good quality sheets, towels, vanity kits, and slippers.

18- What is the claim compensation process?

Some platform such as Airbnb has a well-established dispute settlement procedure. Gathering evidence that could be useful as quickly as possible.
As soon as the infos gets gathered from the two parties, it reviews all documents and assesses the claims. But Airbnb remains the sole judge, and Partnerz cannot be held responsible for any decision not in your favour.

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